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When news about #coronavirus began, most of the georgians panicked: bought all masks in #tbilisi, medical alcohol and gloves, all toilet paper and buckwheat🙈, posted a lot of messages about the need for self-isolation. now we have not a lot cases – only 85, but 14 people have already recovered🙏.

of course, #covid-19 is real #virus. but to my mind there is too much panic around, especially because people can check situation on-line every day🙄. i do everything to prevent simple flu: wash hands often, especially before food, wear mask if i go into the metro, to the shop, bank, because i can be the source of infection. but i continue to walk and don’t stress at all🥰! i’m lucky – i have a lot of nature places around my house, almost without people. when i walk in the street, i keep distance, but i tried to do it before #epidemic too😉!

and yes, i see a number of advantages in the current situation👍.

🔸on the roads – fewer cars. calmness, silence, lack of fuss and crowds in the central places. even the air has become cleaner🙏.

🔸sellers observe hygiene: wipe and wash all surfaces, constantly changing disposable gloves🧐. i hope that during quarantine at least one of them continue to do it.

🔸there are no crowds in the stores - everyone is lining up on the street, on distance 1 meter from each other. in the store - maximum 10 people☝️.

🔸people, who already realized that it is useless to panic, support each other🤗. they bring groceries to the lonely old people, help those who are left without work, share information. tbilisi city hall with the red cross organizes the work of volunteers who deliver packages with medicines and products to those who need it. more about it – in next post😉.

i would like everything to remain so. of course, if everyone is healthy, people have work and the georgian economy quickly recover from such an unpleasant shake-up🙏.

and what is the situation in your city? do you continue to walk or decided to stay in self-isolation?

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2 30 March 2020
Thank you for the good oil.
now it’s my turn to tell the situation in turkey.
yesterday president made a speech about corona and brought some regulations: - travelling from one city to another you need a permission from governor.
- flights are totally cancelled. last ones were moscow, new york, washington, hong kong, addis ababa.
- governors can give extra decisions about their cities.
- newly enlisted soldiers will be in quarantine for 14 days.
- green areas can be used in weekdays but will be closed at the weekends.
- minimum staff will work in public and private sector in by turns. - in public transport there must be a certain distance between two people.

my opinion:
total quarantine will come in next days. government is preparing for this. but it’s kinda difficult to arrange all procedures and control people. in istanbul 18 million people live. difficult to control and give logistics to all people. and some turkish people are kinda crazy in such situations. yesterday some turkish people were busted in turkish hamam while playing gamble. tragicomic😊
government is paying %60 of their former salaries of people who lost their jobs. in long term it’s another problem. borders should have been closed earlier. i was seeing several iranian tourists from iran. as i witnessed, russians, british and spanish(latin) are the last ones who left our country.
some oldies went back to their villages(out of istanbul). life is still going on. some turkish people are kinda careless about the situation. or some people have to work so they should be outside. rest are staying at their houses. i go outside everyday 😅

28 march 2020

tests: 55464
cases: 7402
death: 108

one way or another this corona gonna end. everything will be fine. if you believe then you will survive. try to stay classy and help others.
have a peaceful life full of health out there whoever you are and wherever you live.

and don’t forget to watch the sky😉

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