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Oh, how i tired from this news about #coronavirus, but the situation is changing every day and not for the better😕. at present, 100 cases of infection have been recorded in #georgia, 18 people have already been recovered. but for three persons it was not possible to determine the source of infection. therefore the government imposes universal #quarantine from march 31 at 8:00.

what does it mean🧐?

🔺curfew. from 9 pm to 6 am it is forbidden to walk and ride in the city😯. only round-the-clock pharmacies will work. leaving the house at any time, it is obviously to have a passport or identity card with you.

🔺public transport will stop working. inside the city the metro and buses will not work. moving in your own car is allowed, taxi - only in compliance with the recommendations of the ministry of health: no more than three people, two - on the back seat with an open window.

🔺the ban on movement. people over 70 are not allowed to leave the house. the exception is the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, medical facility, bank. younger people are also advised to go out only in case of emergency, but still they can walk free except curfew.

🔺fewer people. on the street - companies of no more than three people at a time with a distance of two meters at least. exception - pharmacies, shops.

closing the internal borders of the following cities: #tbilisi, kutaisi, batumi, poti, zugdidi, rustavi. you can leave the city, but only by taxi or car.

i hope that more restrictions will not be introduced. and what do you thing: such rules are necessary? what about situation in you city😉?

well, i promise – i’ll make the next post exactly not about #covid-19, but about something more beautiful and pleasant🙏❤️.

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1 27 March 2020
Ooops. bad news. - probably we will have same quarantine in couple of days. restrictions come suddenly in turkey. for example public ferries were cancelled today. intercity buses were cancelled on sunday. - some districts are in quarantine in turkey. rules can be rules when they are applicable. if it’s difficult to apply then rule is nonsense. and in this situation, most of rules are vain, its difficult to control people. people are strange. - today we lost 37 of our people.

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