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Our first international @isyfoundation trip!!! 📍morocco 🇲🇦 we visited a women’s shelter on the outskirts of marrakech. we had the privilege of sitting down with each woman and asking her specifically about her needs and the needs of her child(ren) so we could make personalized care packages. more than half were pregnant or had given birth within the last two weeks — all survivors of domestic violence and/or s****l abuse.
we get so many messages asking how to start with ‘care packages’ — we’ve been doing this for over 10 years and our method started and continues to be: listen with intent. sit with the people you want to serve and ask about them and their needs. never assume you know better. this method has allowed us to gain trust, to build with others, to understand and to learn about people on a deeper level, and to truly see the light and opportunity in being of service to others.
thank you to the incredible women who opened their doors for us and welcomed us with open arms — and the directors and guide to made it possible (they are the ones photographed). thank you to you all for continuing to support our efforts. this would never be possible without you. may we always be in a position to help, give, love and serve others. ameen. @isyfoundation (more of the journey (w captions) on stories/highlights, s/o to @salwatagouri for being a superwoman ma)
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Come to libya 😍😍
You are extraordinary people. may allah bless you all
En na le même nom de famille!
I love you 🧿🧿🧿❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Hi you are beautifully
Charmente femmes
دوستت دارم
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So many plastics
Awww thank you noor

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