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Meet noor tagouri (@noor ), a libyan american journalist on a mission to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities and strengthen people’s perspectives. noor’s unique take on storytelling serves as a form of activism by truly passing the mic and equipping people with knowledge straight from the source.⁣

“when i put on the hijab for the first time, there was this overwhelming sense of strength and purpose, like maybe i’m doing this for something bigger than me,” says noor, who made a personal choice to start wearing the hijab at the age of 15. “the thing that people told me was going to keep me down and hold me back was actually what allowed me to connect with people in a way that they had never felt seen or heard before.” 🎤✨⁣

learn more about noor’s life and work in this week’s episode of #advocates, our series that highlights people around the world who are sparking positive change in their communities.
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Nice looking drsr
مرسی داری
Ya habibi💣
Kok orang cantik kayak aisyashaqila kok gak di kasih contreng biru
Klok gak gua aja kasih contreng biru
Very beautiful woman😍
سلام به برادران و خواهران ایمانی ام برای دیدن کلیپ های اسلام یه سر به پیج من بزنید❤️❤️❤️❤️🤲

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