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Progress!!! worked on bettering my form over the barrel and getting over with a spot. so many of the tries i think i’ll jump and then i stop out of fear, and i talk out loud to myself and tell myself i can do it, that i’m capable.
but - i also ask sarah (our coach) and johnathan to tell me to my face i can do it. sometimes hearing it from people we trust makes us believe it more than if we tell ourselves. this is just pure joy for me. i have butterflies and jitters thinking about working on this. i love walking myself through the fear into courage every time. whatever it is you’re afraid to try, stop talking yourself out of it. stop psyching yourself out. you can. you can. you can.
i was telling jvn this means so much to me because i put the intention out there with my love for this and the universe opened up with a path to work on something that makes me feel joy. reclaim your power, channel your fear. you got this, i promise.
thank you, sarah for spotting me!!! — and thank you @jvn for being the best cheerleader!!!!
124 13,013 July 2019
U got it noor 🔥🔥❤️
Incredible!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Whoop go girl ❤️
Excuse me, there are people liberia in here?
Omg babe!! yes!!
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What is this amazing hoodie?
You goo girl🔥
@iam_lafae @rahma_4755 gymnastics looks fun
@jaquelinehazel you should start gymnastics next ! haha
Get it get it 👏🏼
I love isreal
Great job, i could do it if i had six spotters lol
My question does your hood stay on. share your secrets 👏🏼
Thats man is not mahram
This girl is like you,she started gymnastic after 34 years old @sporcu_anne

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