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Making argan products/foods is an incredible amazigh tradition in morocco.

you can use argan for cosmetic purposes or for food + medicine. cosmetics are done cold pressed, for food it is roasted (argan oil/butter is so delicious). you can tell if your cosmetic argan oil is authentic if it doesn’t leave a sticky after feeling. it should be absorbed and you should just feel moisturized. *some benefits of argan* -packed with nutrients -antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
-boosts heart health and benefits for diabetes -phenomenal for skin: anti-aging, dryness, wound healing, etc -prevents/treats stretch marks -great for preventing hair breakage -treats acne
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Hi @noor i’m so glad to went to this region... it takes 35kg of argan fruits to make 1l of argan oil ! check our page for more! we work with co-ops in morocco.
Welcome to my country noor
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У нас тоже было такое дома😂
Argan 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Thank you noor ,it's very informative and helpful for me ,since i am thinking to offer argan oil to my canadian friends and i am not very good in english, i start to study this beautiful language when i moved recently to british columbia ,i love you so much 🤗🌷
The stone of the rest
The stone of the rest
I used argan oil after getting a deep oil splash across my face and second degree burning and it healed my skin with no scarring.
Tergal pur bonheur 🔥