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Making argan products/foods is an incredible amazigh tradition in morocco.

you can use argan for cosmetic purposes or for food + medicine. cosmetics are done cold pressed, for food it is roasted (argan oil/butter is so delicious). you can tell if your cosmetic argan oil is authentic if it doesn’t leave a sticky after feeling. it should be absorbed and you should just feel moisturized. *some benefits of argan* -packed with nutrients -antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
-boosts heart health and benefits for diabetes -phenomenal for skin: anti-aging, dryness, wound healing, etc -prevents/treats stretch marks -great for preventing hair breakage -treats acne
166 12,709 August 2019
Lovely❤️thank you for sharing your experience about the magical moroccan argan oil. indeed it's filled with nutrients, works wonder for soothing skins and repair damaged hair subhanaallah.
Masha a allaah
Hello ! do you have the name / location of this shop :) ?
👍it's tiring work
@noor nice work.i wish i could get freshly made argan oil

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