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Swipe ⬅️ speed or style? 29" or 27.5"? race or freeride? all of these are questions you may be asking yourself whilst deciding between @canyon's strive cf 5.0 and torque al 6.0. let us help you decide! our strive vs. torque comparison is online now. just hit the link in our bio! 📸: @bayercb #canyon #mtb #endurobike #enduromtb #freeride #canyonstrive #canyontorque #vs #battle #cycling #mtblife #dreambike #bikeporn
44 3,942 August 2019
Curious to see the same with torque cf. mine climb pretty well..
Trail 29, enduro 27,5 😉
Torque cf with 1x12 eagle ✊🏼
Enduromag became just a propaganda department of canyon
Shimano > sram. 29er is better for rocks but 27.5 is better for flowy jumpy trails.
Its all about fun dude❤️
27.5” of course! build bikes for fun and not for wc races!!
Just looking at the helmets you wear i know already where this story (obviously) is going: it all depends on you and what you usenet for.... haha like the tire and motor “test” with all are great in the right condition ...just an advertising magazine is what is left. full understand some brands stay away from you and your “tests”
Torqueeeeee👍👍👍 just more fun🤙
I wanted one of these...🚵🚲
Like it👌

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