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Okay guys. we’ve made it to the end. the last reveal. well, at least the last reveal for the remodel of the existing spaces for this house. (see how i’m not committing that there won’t be more in the future?) the finale for the midwest malibu cottage is our family room, its story is now live at the front + main blog, and i’m a little at a loss for words (😱) because it’s a little bittersweet reaching this moment! two years ago this week we saw this house for the very first time and today we celebrate achieving that goal we aspired to in the bathroom here on that sunny sunday afternoon. •

in our final room at our midwest malibu cottage we wanted to embrace our cali-quaint vibe in-full, one last time, as a means to combat the considerable darkness of this environment. we know we’ll spend a lot of time down here through the grey, limited-daylight midwest winters here, so we conceptualized a space that would feel like a beachside cabana, shaded from the summer heat and ready for lounging after a day in the sun. if you’ve stuck with us for a while, you can probably guess the formula: white and wood! but this time we’ve tried some new things since this is a unique space in our home. •

at the end of the project, we look back on the comments guests have made, and the most common word used by people who have come down here is “coastal”, so we’ll qualify our work as a success on execution toward concept, and maybe the most rewarding thing we’ve heard was when the countertop install guy walked down here and said, “i’ve never seen a basement like this in wisconsin.” 💪🏻

read more about our process in our most current renovation diary with @westelm at [linkinbio]
97 670 September 2019
It’s absolutely beautiful. well done. i’ve really enjoyed seeing ur house change on insta 🙌🏼
Omg. dying. so good.
Yessss!!!! this looks soooooo.... inviting! 😍😍😍
@kielaaron thank you for sharing your design journey. can you please share what paint color you used in your basement?
Wow so incredible!!! loved seeing the process this whole time. congrats to you both ~ now you can enjoy your beautiful spaces ☺️!
You guys did amazinggg❤️
👏🏻 slow clap guys, you did another amazing job. everything. you killed it
Sooooo good ✨✨
Oh my wow!!! i just can’t even describe how much i love this and have loved watching your journey!! i’m so proud of you! ❤️❤️❤️
Gorgeous ❤️
This whole space is swoon💕do you mind sharing your wall paint color? i have very similar natural lighting w/some corner shadows, and your walls look so fresh!
Do you know where this sectional is from?
Nice and cozy environment 😁👍🙌
❤️ the style & arrangement

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