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“the way that the glass behaves is often very snakelike,” says eli hansen, who founded asp and hand (@aspandhand ) with his wife blair in 2017. “the name is a reminder that anything can happen,” she says. the pair knows this well; both eli and blair were diagnosed with cancer at different points in life. early in their relationship, eli was treated for hodgkin’s lymphoma. years later, after the birth of their two daughters, blair designed the first of the family’s signature cups while she underwent radiation therapy for o**l cancer. “the cups became my salvation,” she says.⁣⁣
“i would tell aspiring #founders not to wait for circumstances to appear perfect to start building your dream,” blair says. “time’s a-wasting — the world needs what you’re passionate about.”⁣⁣
in our new limited series #founders, we’re sharing the stories of amazing small business owners from all over the world. a new episode will be available every saturday until christmas!
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God bless this beautiful family🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😃🙏🙏
Папа,мама,я- спортивная семья.
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Very nice a family
Good bless your family
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Have a safe holiday season. brer caleb, ph.d.
Nice family
Una de la recompensa de dios
Very nice family
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