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It's guaranteed to be a 🌞 day when you've found your way to @sesamestreet. take it from elmo, bert and ernie, cookie monster, oscar the grouch, abby cadabby and grover as they join us for today's episode of #yougotthis.⁣
this year, marks sesame street's 50th anniversary, and in addition to celebrating with 🎂 and 🎉 the gang is ready to share some of their top tried-and-true tips to make this week a great one. see it now on today's story.
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Assistia dublado no youtube kkkkk
Loved it when i was small😊😊🙂
کسی که منو دید به ایرانیها معرفی کنه الان بهترین فرصته من هماهنگ کننده بشم باتمام ایران برای نابودیه رژیم پیجمو ببینید متوجه میشید
This is my family. so proud! lol
Que bonecos antigos mas continuam engraçados.