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Life has changed a lot lately which feels hard in the moment but i know it’s all for the best. i feel as happy as i can be with these two and this home and the friends i’ve made around me. also feeling overwhelmed lately of how grateful i am to have you all. i know it may be silly but there are some days that you all get me through it. so, thank you. 🙏🏼
we’ll be hanging out in southern california for a bit to stay warm before heading north soon. this is the slower time of year where i like to catch up on all things and do some life maintenance. oil changes, doctor visits, vet check ups, etc. all while staying in the sun. 🌞
this week’s podcast addresses my recent relationship update, pearl’s adoption story per request (look at her in this picture, i mean come on), and some other ramblings that have been on my mind lately. ❤️ you can listen wherever you get podcasts or directly on my website.
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Good morning 🌞, i will listen to your podcast on the way to work and .... if you find yourself in the area around laguna beach, my wife and i would love to chat and show you some places🎉
I miss my home of sunny socal, enjoy and hope all is well !
So cute😍❤️
I have been listening to your podcasts throughout our van build! i especailly enjoyed the episode with @jarrodtocci and have began listening to his podcasts also thanks to you! look forward to hearing your next one 👏
Hey sydney.
i heard your podcast and i know exactly how you feel with the separation from the dogs and lee. and heck yes. i mentioned the dogs before him because dogs are just honest and it is incredibly hard to leave them behind. with dogs you have no problems as it happens with people. no offense to him.
the tears came to me too.
i hope that the three of you will be really well soon. heads up. 🐕🐕🙏
I’d love to meet up sometime and talk about living tiny with dogs 💁🏽‍♂️
Pena que no hablo inglés🙈😢
Hi! we are soon to be vanlifers! our van is getting upfitter now! let us know if ya ever want to meet up at the dog park! 👅🐾
Loved it and love you!! you’re such an inspiration!!❤️❤️
Keeping you in my thoughts! listened to your podcast and know that even if it’s the right thing it can still be difficult! so glad you have ella and pearl, dogs are the best medicine!😍
@arabellarosetait i think you'll like this lady!
How do you keep your skin so clear?! it’s beautiful!
Пока только мечтах вот также по миру. Ездил туда-обратно Коасноярск Владивосток 10 000 км.
Please reply inbox message i am waiting for you so i request you please inbox message i will talk to you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
❤️ your podcast
Hey @divineontheroad pls pls pls release your van journey on netflix!! @netflix 🙏🙏🙏💯
Do you edit you photos because the colors are beautiful.
How much did this van cost to build?