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Meet sebahat. she works at her family’s bakery, 40 göz patisserie, where you can find sweet cookies and turkish breads - like the infamous simit- a national treasure that is a sesame encrusted circle of crusty deliciousness on the outside and soft chewiness on the inside. like the simit, sebahat is a treasure who makes people smile. .
after stopping in before language class each morning for the last month, one of our tia team members has come to count on sebahat’s joyful face and twinkling eyes...even though most mornings only a bottle of water is purchased. her genuine hospitality is a much welcomed encouragement before heading off to do the hard work of language learning. sebahat even went so far as to make a special breakfast on a morning when there was no time to eat at home, even though it wasn’t an item on the menu.
this is service. this is antalya.
this week, be like sebahat. 😊 make someone smile. 😊
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