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“my eating disorder tries to tell me that i’d be safer in a smaller body, but i try to remind myself that the ‘safety’ and relief came at the cost of everything else in my life. as my body shrunk, so did my entire life.”⁣

shira rosenbluth (@theshirarose ) is uniquely positioned in her career as an eating disorder therapist, since she is in recovery for anorexia and bulimia.⁣

“it feels empowering to be able to take my years of suffering and pain and use it to try and make this world a safer place for people in larger bodies. i was a therapist in an outpatient clinic for the first three years of my career and had no intention of treating eating disorders because of my history. but every time i had a client with an eating disorder walk through my door, we were able to do amazing work and it was an area that i was so incredibly passionate about and also really good at. i knew that this was what i was meant to do. it’s the biggest privilege to be able to to be a part of someone else’s healing journey,” she says.⁣

“reaching out for support and allowing someone else in can be really scary. my clients are some of the bravest people i know, and i wouldn’t change what i do for the world.” ❤️⁣

this post recognizes @neda awareness week in the us. #nedawareness
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Small bod, healthy bod. big bod, bad bod!
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