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63 275 October 2016
Where that guy see a laptop? lol
@scoscheinc i feel like i've seen this already
I live close by !!! where in corona
U by stater bros
Delivered and loving them. 5 was not enough!
@noisecycles almost looks like your logo
What kind of mercedes is that
Magnets will damage the auto focus on your devices camera and cause your compass to not calibrate correctly! why buy something that will ruin your phone? 😂😂
@jhc_glass really did u had one yourself
@molly_sonrisa completely ruined my phone
No way what kind of phone
@big_a_gz4life i got mine with suction cup from costco. really strong magnet!
Very cool, but sucks of you have a clear case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Oh yes i want!!
I recently got a new phone and i need a new magnet for the back of my phone. can i purchase those individually?
It works great, but will drain the c**p out of you battery when you add that magnetic s***p to the back of the phone case.
Oh my gosh this is so cool!!!!
It doesn't stick to my car, fell right off.