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63 272 October 2016
Brilliant! i hope this kills the game for you guys!
Will be buying hope it does not disappoint like the plastic one.
These could come in handy @kgraham76
Won't the magnetic mess up the computers?
😱😱😱😍 @heyitsyourbetterhalf we need this!!!
@pattiyara10 i need one of these for the truck
Hold a whole laptop? i call b******t
So i got us these @scarla_59, @cowboysghurl. 😘
Ordered. excited to get them and give it a go.
I need this
Love what you're doing @natomounts @360magazine has a special marketing invite for a double page in next issue at a special low rate if interested email hugo@the360mag.com
@big_a_gz4life is this the one u have bro?
@leon2ww no the one i have does not glue it has a suction cup