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So this is breakfast
87 14,864 January 2017
@whisack sérieux ils sont trop beaux.😍
This dog is so sweet....and you @russelltovey
Are you sure rocky wouldn't rather be back in bed? have breakfast 🍳 a few hours later, perhaps with lunch.
@chloe_marcon tiens ton toutou avec mon mari
My two favorites
Rocky is your bodyguard without question 😀 @russelltovey
Say hi to serena or blair
George's !
Cuties !
He looks like he needs his hobbit chew toy. lol
Apasitooo! 😘
Yummy stubble.....n wat a cute cap...full score as always....😗😗😗
Whenever i see you in a photo, i think of the history boys... great film
You are very sexy 😍😍
Breakfast is the best meal of the day.