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@thebeatles - The Beatles | We're thrilled that #TheBeatlesEightDaysAWeek - The Touring Years has been nominated for a #BAFTA, in the Documentary category.
We're thrilled that #thebeatleseightdaysaweek - the touring years has been nominated for a #bafta, in the documentary category.
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@indasembiring aku lagi di kalimantan, simpan aja ya dulu
I watched that movie three times 😍😍
Where can i see this? would love to be able to.
This is new account if u follow me. ill be follow uπŸ‘Œ
Yes beatles are the best
Loved itπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜
What are your top 100 albums of rock? follow me!
Go get that oscar guys! you can do it!
G - pluck band from indonesia.. i think they same with the beatles... cek it out!! g-pluck don't let me down: http://youtu.be/kgfm8kd7nrq
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@thebeatles is the best documentary of the beatles
You have this spice @tonyprovenzao
My favorite movie right now iv washed it a thousand times :) !!!!! @thebeatles