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@muscle.vs.import - πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Muscle.vs.Import 🎌 | Can you name this beast? πŸ€”
Double Tap if you know it!
Via @photocutout_ @musclemavericks
Can you name this beast? πŸ€” double tap if you know it! #musclevsimport - via @photocutout_ @musclemavericks
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The king...dinoco
1970 plymouth superbird but this one is a replica of richard petty's car
Super bee or road runner
Broke 200 mph back in the 70's and in 2016 bugatti wants credit for the same thing after 20 years of research to do it hahahaha.... beers up in recognition to richard petty !!!!
The king. dinoco
Plymouth superbird i believe
@crazzymsuguy it's a plymouth 1970 superbird. it's body is based of the roadrunner. the dodge daytona was made in 1969 and was based off the 1969 dodge charger
@mitchellzerafa smdh looks nothing like a cuda
@jmonday_420 richard petty superbird
@treyz4481 no. its mr. king off of the movie cars. smh
It's not the one from cars. it doesn't say dinoco on the hood
The king(dinoco
Wasn't it the first superbird to reach 200 mph
Joe dirt would be proud