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@muscle.vs.import - πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Muscle.vs.Import 🎌 | Can you name this beast? πŸ€”
Double Tap if you know it!
Via @photocutout_ @musclemavericks
Can you name this beast? πŸ€” double tap if you know it! #musclevsimport - via @photocutout_ @musclemavericks
618 16,272 January 2017
Wasn't it the first superbird to reach 200 mph
Joe dirt would be proud
Dodge daytona dinoco from the cars movie
Plymouth superbird
Mr. the king from card
Plymouth super bird or a daytona 😍
Plymouth superbird
@treyz4481 your wrong bud. it's a dodge daytona ya dingo.
@treyz4481 my bad jew. it's a plymouth. didn't recognize the the side at first
@conner_stafford1 jew? are you mad at me for being right?πŸ˜‚
@mart_blart123 it's a 1970 plymouth superbird. the body is based off of the roadrunner and the dodge daytona was made in 1969 and was based off of the charger
@tait_54 there's only one model of superbird made in 1970. it was the dodge daytona the broke the 200 mph barrier at around 205 in 1969. the superbird went around 218 the next year in 1970
@treyz4481 nah i call everyone that. i don't feel like saying n****h so i say jew
Thats a 1970 plymouth superbird
1970 plymouth superbird