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@sleepingwithsirens - Sleeping With Sirens | Holland - we're playing Powerfest with @piercetheveil @crowntheempire and @issuesofficial on 1st June!
Holland - we're playing powerfest with @piercetheveil @crowntheempire and @issuesofficial on 1st june!
349 20,945 January 2017
Think about how awesome will it be if @issuesofficial played in.fest the same day as you. totally awesome. pleasepleaseplease
@javceb56 we need a massive road trip to go to this
@f.ckno hier wil ik z o gr a a g heen omgg
@steezysteve991 another concert i wish i could go but i can't 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@k.i.m_a holy moly, dat zijn 3 van mn favoriete hardrock/metal bands :o dit is vel beter dan ymas
Ja. das wat ik dacht hahah @unofficialgerben
Best line up ever holy s**t
I'm f*****g mad that this isn't in cali
Awesome line up! why can't this be where i live 😭
Omg this is like a freakin dream i love all these bands wth
My birthday 😢😢