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For a limited time, buy 4 get 1 free! visit us at www.natomounts.com for free same-day shipping. all orders come with a 100% money back guarantee. #natomounts #carmount #magnets#sale #getitwhileyoucan
12 43 May 2017
Great product! i wanted to see if you might be interested in discounted strategic marketing? look at our page and see just a few of the products we have helped launch and build.
@ardiefishall check out niteize. i get that one
@michaelaubrey yea but i'm sure you have to buy their phone cases too.
@kristielaubrey we don't sell phone cases. only the mounts. https://youtu.be/ocmylgv7b1w
@natomounts this looks awesome! will the mount work with the case on? are you limited to certain case types?
@laur_umbaugh we guarantee that our mount will work with your phone with or without a case. here’s a video which shows the mount being used with several different cases, like the super thick defender otterbox case, a lifeproof, and even an apple standard iphone case. https://youtu.be/ocmylgv7b1w
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