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9 29 May 2017
Does the adhesive allow for all the different placements??
On/off on/off like in the video
@natomounts will it attach to a phone that has a tough case on it?
@__kris10_nicole__ we guarantee that our mount will work with your phone with or without a case, or your money back. in fact, here’s a video we recently posted, https://youtu.be/ocmylgv7b1w
So from this video it seems like the mount can switch from place to place... is that possible or is it one time stick sorta thing and then you can attach your phone whenever?
@deannstroud it is meant to stay in one spot, you would need to have several different mounts for different places.
@natomounts is there a way to buy just the adhesive? instead of having to buy the mounts? i recently bought a 5 pack and mounted all of them, but need to move just one.