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@coupecartel - Coupe Cartel™: 100% Clownshoes | If the Z8 were a shooting brake. Very cool render!
📷: @volac
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If the z8 were a shooting brake. very cool render! 📷: @volac ___________________________________________ e36/8 fanatic? find stickers and more at marketplace.coupecartel.com or via the profile link. #coupecartel | #becauseclownshoe | #e368repost
16 889 April 2017
It's as though the m coupe mounted the z8 and produced lovliness
Nice! google the bmw z07 concept... the original z8 concept was a gorgeous fastback-ish coupe.
E-type-ish 😍😍😍
Coolest thing ever.
Too bad they didn't actually make this because that thing is fantastic