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@laikastudios - LAIKA Studios | #TBT to Chris Rabilwongse working on the Monkey puppet in full Halloween costume. What’s the wildest costume you’ve worn to work? #WeLAIKAHalloween #Kubo
#tbt to chris rabilwongse working on the monkey puppet in full halloween costume. what’s the wildest costume you’ve worn to work? #welaikahalloween #kubo
26 1,728 October 2017
That is so awesome!!
Omg!!! is that lo pan from big trouble in little china!???? xd awesome!!!!
She is in the character
Is that lo pan?
Hands down that would be the best costume to wear to work! guy killed it!
Woooah looks so amazing!!!
That is awesome, love it
This is a great capture and wow i did not know monkey was that big
@laikastudios this is so great!!!! and for me, i think my craziest halloween costume i wore to work (library) was a lion!!! pretty easy cause my big curly hair is pretty much a poofy lion's mane already🎃🦁📔💛 definitely doing this again with my chihuahua this year!
Edgy elsa! i have tattoos and made an elsa costume from scratch with no pattern. watched the movie a few times and made the dress complete with sheer cape and shoes.
Now this....is commitment
L θ ρ δ ν
Little bo peep.... eliza doolittle... scottish girl... i worked at an odd 80s restaurant where this was required.
The horned king from disney's black couldron