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192 22,315 September 2017
Yes officer it passes smog.
Interesting build but i only question the thermal efficiency of the radiator but more the intercooler in this setup. would not call this a true topmount intercooler setup but air still has to be forced upwards through the fins of the intercooler then pulled over the car. similar to angle of attack of a wing, it's iffy because unless that is custom made with the fin and bars angled upwards accordingly it will most likely have stagnant air flow. otherwise it is beast.
When u win the lotto and u like to drift
I'm gonna keep it stock
10 min later
Damn! this is serious right here
Bruh... amagine taking that in a zombie apocolypse and the caption would be: “lights blinding their vision and the black and purple silvia is gone in a flash”.
No front bumper or bonnet for weight reduction?. every kilo counts
So dope. @jayrohner 13 rear 15 front and dat ka engine bay errrrmaaaagerrrd 😃🔰👌