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132 4,632 September 2017
This is so dope 🔥🔥
I actually recreated your paint for the huracan on forza horizon 3 a few months back it wasn't a popular paint would i had to take it down or the storefront but it was sick
Had to change it up from all the fanboys copying, u killed it again🙏🏼
@logan.ostrander exactly let them copy this and call it their idea too l**o
Coming for sema lets kickkkk itttt
@m_papii done done done
Wonder if the golf suddenly develops the same graphics on the side 🌚
Forever the wildest huracan on instagram!
@alex_3b hey that fool has no shame watch him do it on his fake bape sweater looking wrap haha
@cursed_st wait till u see the final touch... it actually gets a little better
@wst_bank can't wait! hope to see it in person sometime!