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@dr_oz - Dr. Oz | At the @todayshow this morning, @daphneoz and I put our favorite
At the @todayshow this morning, @daphneoz and i put our favorite "food fixes" to the ultimate test with some of the most discerning palettes around - larry david and the cast of #curbyourenthusiasm. word is it was "pretty good." (w/ #susieessman, @jeffgarlin, @_cherylhines, @ohsnapjbsmoove, @savannahguthrie, @mattlauernbc #curb)
11 1,911 September 2017
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Very, very jealous
I would have liked to have heard more of what you all had to say but with all the people joining in it was too much commotion.
I agree. i really wanted to know what items were on the table & learn more about what dr oz had to say. it got way too chaotic 😕
Frustrating not to learn the tips that i tuned in to watch
Why did they all come out like that and make it all chaotic !!!😞
Anyone know what the broth was ?😔