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@tristan_phillips8 auburn is in alabama lmaooo
Love rivalry week
@jlawrence_90 no one said it wasn’t. if you have met auburn fans and alabama fans then you’ll see that we act very differently. war eagle!
@harrisw01 holy sit you’re s****d
That’s sad because 80% of alabama fans only like them because they r good and can only name maybe 2 players
@nick10933 yeah i read the thing wrong
At least that kids mom isn't is aunt
If you haven't seen this already, i know you love this joke lol @jp21photo
@yogirl.al i don’t follow college football much but i thoo they lost to clemson last year in the bcs bowl??
Roll tide not war tide
Great game i expect
@italishangie no kidding!! lol.
But it’s not true
The 4 year doesn't need diapers? oh, the answer is at the bottom 😂
Yeah but most of them were his cousins
Bear called auburn a cow college lol

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