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Video by @christian_foto ( christian rodríguez) view from bridges island to "isla de lobos " ( island sea lion ) island in beagle channel. wildlife in beagle channel are rich in birds and marine mammals, fish and diverse invertebrates. the original inhabitants of the isla bridges were the yamana, a nomadic tribe that moved between the islands by canoe. the yamana developed a natural resistance against the sub-antarctic climate by smearing their bodies with seal oil which may have been the reason why their body temperature was 1 degree higher than humans today. the region was named " tierra del fuego" (the land of fire) by the early european explorers who saw the dotted yamana camp fires on the islands throughout the beagle channel. #bridges #sealion #island #ushuaia #tierradelfuego #argentina video by @christian_foto (christian rodriguez )
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Wonderful! ✨
Love this view nd touch the soul
Do you know why this video is silnt? , becaues there is qraun and baics this video from muslim 🖐
@constancetortosa mdrrrrrrr y en a un il est enoooooooormeeeee😂😂😂
@portelafotos olha que bonita filmagenm
Amazingly beautiful👏👏👏👏👏
Una pasada poder haber estado allí 🙈😍❤️
Breathtaking, great for fishing★★★★★
Beautiful footage! that was fun! ❤️