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@coupecartel - Coupe Cartel™: 100% Clownshoes | The final M Coupe, and the only Coupe that left the factory with the Motorsport flag and Lotus White leather. Always cool to see! | 📷: @smilesinmylife 🚗: @bmwusa/@bmwcca • Save an extra 20% on 2018 calendars at 2018.CoupeCartel.com or via the profile link. •

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The final m coupe, and the only coupe that left the factory with the motorsport flag and lotus white leather. always cool to see! | 📷: @smilesinmylife 🚗: @bmwusa/@bmwcca • save an extra 20% on 2018 calendars at 2018.coupecartel.com or via the profile link. •

#coupecartel | #becauseclownshoe | #e368repost
18 753 February 2018
Holy shitballs 👍
Does anyone have a pic of the interior? ive never been able to find one...
Ä° have this car vin ;)
It's too bad they have gone a different direction with their vehicles. it's a luxury brand rather than a performance brand now.
@scqtt still rather drive a bmw than a sporty dodge 🤷‍♂️
Where is it on display?
@joel_wakley without question. i don't see any mopar products in my future.
I wonder how bmw chose for 'the last ?? draw from a hat? votes by some internal group? late shift paint line worker's favorite?? oodles of left over white? i ponder on these things. 🤔
@gregmings easy. it was the last one they planned to roll off the line, and they just didn’t add any pigment to the paint. 😉
Need interior pics!! amazing
@coupecartel the ultimate friday car
@phyverindustries you mean it has a faulty trunk floor?
@coupecartel haha. i don't think we will ever find out.