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180117 lotte duty free fb update ❤️
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@fluffemin haha go shopping so you and him can go buy a d***o that you later shove up his a*s 😂😂😂💁
@fluffemin what you just said made no f*****g sense learn english please
@jiehanrifqah boyfriend aku call nda dpt join😂😂
@rabs_15 alemaaa😂😂😂
Armys can't afford gucci 😂😂😂
Oppa 😍😍
Taennie love 😍😍😘😘
Tae oppa😍😍
Omgggg tae oppa bikin melting hati ini 😍😻😋@sucitirta18_
Yes i'll ho shopping with you.....im cominggg tae
Hey bbs if u could pls check out my journal diary ig ? id love if u did thank u smmmmm 🍒📩 its @lusheon
His voice🖤😍🖤
I'm legit screaming now. i'd even go and jump in a volcano with you taetae
@green_eyed_nymph check out my account plz and thankyou so much ❤️
@lastjungkook check out my account plz and thankyou so much ❤️