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@onelovedbabe - ONE LOVED BABE | Embroidery + bell sleeves... need I say more?!
Laurette Dress // $44
Embroidery + bell sleeves... need i say more?!
laurette dress // $44
28 1,166 January 2018
@kara_hug17 i loooooove this one
@juliebroc i could see you in this!!
I love it 😍😍 is the material stretchy? or waist band?! this looks like the same style as a black one y’all had a while back but i can’t find it on your guys’ website and i don’t know the name of it.
@zachhansen_13 i need this 😭😍
@aserra24 it has a little stretch, but not a ton. it actually doesn’t have a waistband. this is our first time having this exact dress. hope that helps!
Wow 😍 😍 😍
This is so amazing! best love ❀️
@blakebutcher87 if you wanna get me something for mother’s day 😘
Will you be restocking this in size large?? 😍