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Yes is not good. it’s awful! you know nothin about art whatsoever! read some theory
“hey millie(mytoddler) who is that?” she goes “rocky!” rocky has an awesome lil fan!! :)
@jayquint55 everyone has their own idea of ​​art!
@a_de_le that is the most common mistake amateur art ‘enthusiasts’ make. perhaps read something to broaden your understanding of what constitutes art. tolstoy’s what is art is a good place to start. the idea that art is some magical subjective concept is propagated by people who know absolutely nothing about art.
@jayquint55 i just meant that you can be kinder
She is always surprising... you never know what comes next!
@a_de_le kinder? what are you talking about? your base notions about art need to be called out. period.
@kmjeagle what are you@talking about? obsessed with what? what combatting stupidity? i admit it!
@jayquint55 what is art specifically allows for a broad definition under "universal" tenets. it's not all that complicated and jamian's art is certainly not partisan. you'd think someone with an sn like yours would be more attuned to the marxist critics, such as raymond williams, who wrote at length about shifting, malleable definitions of "art" and the "artist" throughout history. tolstoy, an isolated anarcho-peasant in pre-revolution russia, was concerned with a very specific moment in time. your axe to grind against jamian and russell appears largely ad hominem and bitter.
Come by the outsider art fair & say hello
@dweeter ummm i specialize in critical theory, from benjamin, adorno, marcuse, to sontag and rosenberg. tolstoy is a single source. all critical thought would condemn art as commodity, which is precisely what this guy perpetuates. oh, perhaps i will add the likes of john dewey, specifically art as experience.
@jayquint55 tastes are different, and there is a broad spectrum.