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@harleydesignsinc - Josh Thiede | New desk toy! The #ecxbarrage is flexing out on my OG avocado green Swingline 747! Time to get my Micro game tuned up! #falken #swingline #haveyouseenmystapler
New desk toy! the #ecxbarrage is flexing out on my og avocado green swingline 747! time to get my micro game tuned up! #falken #swingline #haveyouseenmystapler
8 355 February 2018
I was thinking about getting one, and i saw a sami lexan body that fits it.
@yank_sinatra69 the sami body is for the 1/18 scale version. this is half that size.
@harleydesignsinc oh geez thanks for the heads up lol
I saw that lettine rig at the lhs a couple weeks ago, how are they?
@greenjeep1998 i haven’t played with it yet. soon!
Wait is this bench flex!!!! josh w*f man.
@mholnbeck nope, desk flex. it’s way different.