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Let's return sand to hallett cove beach! did you know that hallett cove once had a thriving surf club and much sandier beach? as the state's shadow environment minister, i recently launched a coast protection plan which includes a research fund to pilot projects to regain and retain sand on adelaide's beaches, including hallett cove beach. the plan includes: ✅ more funds for sand replenishment ✅ a research and development fund to discover new ways to retain sand on beaches like hallett cove beach ✅ investment in seagrass meadow restoration (seagrass is the glue that holds our coast together) ✅ funds for a gulf st vincent wetland plan to stop pollutants entering our gulf ✅ three artificial reefs to create habitat and boost tourism opportunities. 🌊 🏄 🐟 🐳 🐬
15 260 February 2018
Good work david! keep moving forward
Living legend. get it done!
Don’t cart it from largs bay as the do for henley beach 😘😘😘
Yes! excellent initiative. let’s return hc beach back to it’s former glory. go david!
Kicking goals mate 👍
That wld be amazing
Very expensive and not viable at that location. there would be worse erosion.
@jewelsofthemeadows that's your opinion but not shared by many oceanography and coastal experts who i've spoken to. i'm the state's shadow environment minister, these ideas aren't just plucked from the sky? they're researched, costed and carefully put together. this new research fund will enable pilot projects from hallett cove to west beach to look at ways to retain sand on our metro beaches. can i ask where your understanding of expense and viability comes from and also your totally unfounded statement that 'there would be worse erosion?' 🙄
I'm all for research. this has been dismissed previously. it's not part of a natural beach cycle so erodes quickly. build a walkway over rocks. better idea.
@green_corpse she was rude. i'm just being real.
Indeed. i am the one being real. i am studying environmental science degree. i don't profess to be an expert, however, i do understand the science.
Definitely get around this! would attract a lot more people to the beach, therefore boosting business for the boatshed cafe!