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@ferraricollector_davidlee - David Lee (Los Angeles) | #richardmille RM53-01 wow!!!! #sihh2018 #rm5301
#richardmille rm53-01 wow!!!! #sihh2018 #rm5301
46 3,961 February 2018
Richard mille has really gone full gaudy/new money.
That's an impressive rm
It’s so cool. just shows what is to come in the future from mille. people forget a watch company is built from traditions followed for almost a few hundred years. innovation, is in the dna.
Gorgeous rm!! 💛💛💛👏👏
I can't even tell what time is. would not wear.
How do you read the time on it?
Looks hideous. i’ll pay $2.50 for it.
@gregroop what is that mean for a watch?even this thing sell a million bucks.
@mahavakyas i can respect the workmanship, but you only wear this so you can make sure other people know you have money. then again, that's a reason a lot of people wear a lot of watches. not slamming all watch lovers by any means. i love a beautiful timepiece, but this one certainly isn't meant to wear to tell time.
That’s an incredible piece