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سلام یه دختر باشعوربافرهنگ بیاد برادوستی دایرکت لطفا
Bello dibujo pero es innato en nosotras. ah siempre hablo en plural es q soy gemela.
So beautiful...do you draw a face before sculpting? how about i send you a photo of me to practice on? 😀price i’m sure i can’t afford your price☘️😍
How long does it take to finish one of them ?? mine 1 hour.
İ wish i had that special pen !❤❤
Hello! can i repost this in my profile?
Lp music! ❤
Супер !!!!!
Very beautiful drawings !!!! 👏🏻😊👍🏻@michael_zajkov
I have followed you since 2013 or when you started ???😊👍🏻they’re so beautiful all your dolls! @michael_zajkov ! 😊😍❤️👍🏻
Your painting is out of this worlds
👌💞amazing scaching 💞👌