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“freestyle football has no boundaries,” says lisa zimouche (@lisafreestyle ), an 18-year-old from paris who travels the world performing agile tricks with nothing but a ball and her feet. 🤯⚽️ “my first memory of football is when i was 6 years old,” says lisa. “i saw some french freestylers putting on a show, and ever since i saw them playing, i wanted to do the same thing.”
leading up to the #worldcup, lisa is excited to see people rallying around their teams. “my favorite part of the world cup is the vibes,” she says. “people from each country supporting their teams, and everybody coming together around the same sport.”
check out today’s story to see lisa and a few fellow freestylers do their thing.
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Молодцом ✌🏼😌✌🏼
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You are the best keep it up
Que lindo maestra del balon
Her leg game is on point! 😍
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