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@_nate_w - _nate_w | Day 178
Dunk Low IW ”Sea Crystal”
Teal Box - 2016
#365daysofsbs #365daysofsbs2018 #16yearsofsbdunk
Day 178
dunk low iw ”sea crystal”
teal box - 2016
#365daysofsbs #365daysofsbs2018 #16yearsofsbdunk -#30daysofsbs
10 454 June 2018
Cold lil gr... might have to check ebay for a cheap pair 👌
@trustedsoles23 yeah they are a clean easy to go to gr
I love these but i tried them on once and well, that was that
@shadowedsounds fit or the looks?
@_nate_w fit very uncomfy for me, iw model needs to go🤒
@shadowedsounds yeah first wear they are pretty stiff. they break in pretty quickly i’ve found
I shredded these lol
@_nate_w def! well rocked, my friend! ✌️