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Best caption wins!👇😂 📸| @yeezyv2s
75 1,432 June 2018
@_leogeller_ faxxx my homie just been waiting too long for yeezy boost slides
Yeezy no longer toe squeezie...now nice and breezy
Damn ratatouille finally found his family😂😂
When she boutta s**k them toes but you still gotta rep yeezus
When you dont know wether shes coming to chill or yall goin out
When you ordered the wrong size but the shoes are too fire not to rock
Those are the "take out the trash 350's"
I just f****d yo b***h in some yeezy flip flops
I needed s new pair of slides
The gucci and yeezy colab finally i've been waiting forever for these
When you cant pay for the whole shoe
And when youre a hypebeast but you work at dollar tree and cant pay the whole thing
Yo them the new yezy slide #greatness
The sunroof yeezys