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Video by @nicks_pics
before landing at chicago o’hare international airport, pilot nick osborne (@nicks_pics ) mounted his phone on the aircraft windshield to capture this timelapse. “#whpjourney inspired me to share my front-row view of flying across this beautiful earth,” he says. “flying truly makes the world a smaller place.” 🌎
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What are you in?
ليتني بين الغيوم
@ayeshamajid23 i can’t wait to see jt first hand
این فرودگاه رشته
Q lindo. gracias
چرا ابرارو میریزی تو هواپیما
Wow that is so cool
چه قشنگ
اعتقد كلكم تتفقون انو الاكل اهم من كل شي ودايما يجيب السعادة والراحه النفسيه تعال حسابي واستمتع وراح تجوع 🍔🍟🧀🔥