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@ferraricollector_davidlee - David Lee-Car Collector | Giving some ❤️ to #cgt #paganidavinci #f12tdfDSKL
Giving some ❤️ to #cgt #paganidavinci #f12tdfdskl
85 12,549 September 2018
Nice garage! 🔥
Perfect color!
Goodness that black carrera gt🤤
Beautiful!!!!🔥 you have amazing taste!
When are u gonna buy the monza sp1 or sp2? @ferraricollector_davidlee
Awesome 😍😍
How long until you get one of the new ferrari’s that just came out?
I wish i had one
Is the clutch on this car the most difficult of anything in your collection ?
When was the last time you drove it? if it’s been a long time, get it serviced first.
I have the same on my garage....in gtav...😂😂😂😂😂👍
Beautiful cgt for sure!