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@ferraricollector_davidlee - David Lee (Los Angeles) | Giving some ❤️ to #cgt #paganidavinci #f12tdfDSKL
Giving some ❤️ to #cgt #paganidavinci #f12tdfdskl
84 12,567 September 2018
P is for prime🔥
@huseyinerturhan gta 5’te bile böyle garaj dizemedim...
@ferraricollector_davidlee that’s my goal car. been doing the detailing for years. and that’s the one that has continued to escape me haha. congratulations on all your success in life my friend.
Dude, i wanna be your son... not to drive them cars, just to close to them...
Carrera gt was my fav before i understood what a cool car was, just a sign of how cool that car really is.
I saw your cgt at pebble - it is the nicest i have ever seen!
Mad love ❤️🙌🏼
@karltmadi well considering your commenting on a post of his porsche and you can see a zonda and a rr...i don’t see why he would have a lamborghini
Nice garage! 🔥
Perfect color!
Goodness that black carrera gt🤤
Beautiful!!!!🔥 you have amazing taste!
@ericjonkman i should have assumed so

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