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@ferraricollector_davidlee - David Lee (Los Angeles) | Here is one for the #porsche fans. #gt2rs
Here is one for the #porsche fans. #gt2rs
209 18,427 September 2018
Porsche between ferraris
Now your buying a real car
Beautiful specification!
@mirkorazzaboni not trying to defend him, but he is no flipper, he bought his porsches and stuck with them for over a year, in fact the cgt is now 4 years of ownership, a flipper usually gets an allocation and sells the allocation for a bigger profit or resells the car once it arrives with delivery miles, i even doubt he earned money with selling his cars, probably the only one was the huayra and not too much
Honestly- stunning. probably the top 2 best spec porsche’s i’ve ever seen. 🙏🏻
The colour of a man with many options
You gotta be brave to take the gt2rs to its limit. reminds me of a modern day 935 race car
Chalk! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻
@ferraricollector_davidlee best car ever , congrats 👏👏👏
@mnelson150 he is a flipper, the only reason the cgt is still there its because he could not sell it. look at what happen to the 911r. now he is not only banned frçm ferrari,pagani and lamborghini now porsche too won't do business with him anymore. he needs to learn to keep is mouth shut.
Omg it’s perfect
You bought one!?
I’ve got a similar spec for sale but white exterior... hmu!