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@airasia - AirAsia | The best feeling ever! #AirAsiaAllstars from across the region, Nilda Azreen, Rahim Rahimi, Nelson Simajaya and Joanna Marie Solmila doing good. They scaled Mt Kinabalu to spread cancer awareness & raise funds in support of our #AirAsiaMAKNA campaign, a collaboration with MAKNA. Have you climbed Mt Kinabalu before? Which trail did you take? ⛰ 🙌🏻
#AirAsia #weareallchampions
The best feeling ever! #airasiaallstars from across the region, nilda azreen, rahim rahimi, nelson simajaya and joanna marie solmila doing good. they scaled mt kinabalu to spread cancer awareness & raise funds in support of our #airasiamakna campaign, a collaboration with makna. have you climbed mt kinabalu before? which trail did you take? ⛰ 🙌🏻
#airasia #weareallchampions
38 4,253 August 2018
Proud to be allstars
Yes i do!
😍 proud allstars.!!♥
Nothing explains it like a real plan ticket!
Yes. 24/07/2018.
Proud to be part of this great team! 🔴 ✊ #fightcancer
Yes. mesilau up, timpohon down.
Wish you all the best from #fixmyflight team
Everyone can climb
Lovely 💐💐
The straight to top with rope to hang on to but no sunrise but great feat
You have the worst customer service!!!
Hi air asia ! your website is the worst website ever ! i booked a flight last night on your website but when i choose the payment with internet banking, it didn’t work. the page was just blank ! i tried 6 times and called the call center 4 times ! and it didnt work, in the end i tried another method of payment with credit/debit card, it took me more than 10 times until i managed to did it ! the thing is they gave me limited time to pay and whats the point to give a lot of options for the payment methods if nothing work ?! and the call center offered me to pay with their machine using cc but with more extra charge per person, why do i need to pay extra for your website mistake/error ?! whats the point to have a website then if people cant pay online ?! this is not the first time actually its the second time happened to me with your website ! i think you should do something about it !
You have broken my $600 dollar-suitcase last month and you haven’t responded to my two requests online. i have made a declaration to the singaporean customs and they witnessed my suitcase was broken. kindly answer to my requests.