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Reflecting on a cloudy day for #WHPdailylife. ☁️ Follow along for more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project.
Photo by @meg_nlo
reflecting on a cloudy day for #whpdailylife. ☁️ follow along for more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project.
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Death is so solid and unequivocal; death will come to us today's night and this fall. this prison is an inviting guesthouse for all the people who enter and leave. so: even this face of the ground, rush to move one night in the path of the communes and is an inn to emigrate. death, which empties every city into the grave for a hundred times, has a desire rather than life. here is the enigma of this horrific truth risale-i nur hall and discovered. a short story is:  if the death is not killed and the tomb door does not close; of course, if you have the opportunity to get rid of the hand of the scepter and the seclusion of the tomb, man is the greatest and the greatest concern in everything. yes, there is a cure and the risale-i nur with the secret of the qur'an two forty-two four degrees had been found. the short story is that:  death is i'dam-i eternal; and a gallows to hang both that man and his brother. or, to go to another bâki domain and to enter the palace of faith with the seal of prayer is a timer.  and the tomb is either a dark trapped and a bottomless pit, or a gate opening to a feast and bonding from this dungeon world.
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