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@kygomusic - Kygo | Enjoying some days off before the #KidsInLoveTour part III kicks off! ☺️
Enjoying some days off before the #kidsinlovetour part iii kicks off! ☺️
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Can’t wait for your first sydney concert 🙌😍🤩
G⋆u⋆y⋆s܁ y⋆o⋆u⋆ h⋆a܁v܁e܁ n⋆o⋆ i⋆d܁e܁a܁ h⋆o⋆w܁ b⋆a܁d܁ i⋆ w܁a܁n⋆t⋆ t⋆o⋆ f܁u⋆c܁k⋆ n⋆o⋆w܁ (( j⋆u⋆s܁t⋆ f܁u⋆k⋆k⋆ m⋆e܁
@kygomusic i think i’m going to fly from perth australia to singapore to see the show. f**k it ♥️♥️♥️
See you in australia . diasspointed there is not meet and great though
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I'm going to come see you so excited x ❤️
Bg idroen neuh meujak u jakarta lagoe buleun 11 nyoe, that weuh lon :'(