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the #oddlysatisfying movement inspired resh susan (@thebooksatchel ) to create this #myinstagramlogo, which blends things she loved as a child, like candies and painting, with things that satisfy the adult resh, like food, books and time spent scrolling instagram. “the people on instagram are the kindest — always encouraging, supportive and inspiring,” says resh. “i have been a learner all my life, and thanks to this community, i learn something new each day.” today, we’re celebrating instagram’s eighth birthday. we’re constantly amazed by the creativity of our inspiring, global community. thanks for being awesome. ❤️
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For someone who remains on instagram almost all the time to miss such an event is unforgivable. many, many congratulations, resh!! @thebooksatchel this is making me so proud of knowing you. i have come this post, via your story about your blog and after reading your blog, here. keep inspiring!! lots of love!! 💕
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Steffy liam
Нормально так ✌🏼😀✌🏼
Прикольно я тоже так делал со скитолсом