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@smellnebraska - Smell Nebraska | Head to smellnebraska.org today for the whole story. Link in bio.
Head to smellnebraska.org today for the whole story. link in bio.
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That's a pretty good one. actually i think your recent photos are really good. i will be waiting for your next photo 😊✋
Yup it was that good!!! i binged on saturday. i parked my buns and didn't do anything!!
Outbreak in california too!!
I finished it last night. kathleen zellner is awesome! i am hopeful she will find justice for teresa, stephen and brendan.
@burnsinger so ähnlich wie bei uns😂👌
Give teresa justice find her real murder! free steven & brendan ♥️ let them live a normal life... the justice system needs to take responsibility for failing them.
I listened to the whole thing at work with one headphone in, and then watched the whole thing the next day at home. you need to be more discrete, nebraska!
@abbyxhan_3115 totally agree 👍
I will agree i didn’t get off the couch except for snack and p***y breaks lol
Binge watched in 24 hours