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@times.new.romance - Liam | 粘悦馨 | Girls Getting Ready, 10x10 inch on view at @itemeditions through 9th November. More information in bio. #timesnewromance
Girls getting ready, 10x10 inch on view at @itemeditions through 9th november. more information in bio. #timesnewromance
24 12,772 October 2018
Do you do some on big canvas?
Love this!! so beautiful
@diogomzz já viu os bordados dela?! são lindos!
Your work is stunning & so original!! love it!
@laisfacco sim ela que me inspirou a tentar os cabelinhos!
One of my favorites!
Very inspiring 🤓
So beautiful and it's great work❤️
@times.new.romance i love this!! 😍❤️⚡️
@karriebulig follow this account and you’ll be inspired to cross-stitch bro
رد الاضافه🙈
Can your work be purchased? i’m in australia x
@alycemokrzycki you can send an email to timesnewromance.info@gmail.com for a catalogue of available works
I liked your photos :) greetings from other side of the world 😊