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@supercarsoflondon - SupercarsofLondon | Do we think the modern GT2 RS lives up to the old 997 GT2? One thing is for sure, they are both mental cars 💨 Pic by @jbb013 #porsche #gt2 #gt2rs #uk #london #photooftheday #instagram #supercar #cars #supercars #blacklist #horsepower #sol #supercarsoflondon
Do we think the modern gt2 rs lives up to the old 997 gt2? one thing is for sure, they are both mental cars 💨 pic by @jbb013 #porsche #gt2 #gt2rs #uk #london #photooftheday #instagram #supercar #cars #supercars #blacklist #horsepower #sol #supercarsoflondon
36 11,265 December 2018
Yeah it does 😍😍😍
είμαι καινούργιος λογαριασμός ένα φολλοου θα βοηθούσε 💕 κάνω 🔙 στείλτε dm ✨
Yes and de 991,2 gen looks better
Yes, definitely. it’s a beast of a car. if it can give the pagani zonda r a fun for it’s money, you know it’s good.
@harrymedwaysmith what do you reckon mr medway?
@dannyv.rpm of course the 997 will reign supreme for a number of reasons. but i cannot fault this either. a worthy successor for sure
@harrymedwaysmith i thought you would hate the new one. i know how much you love your classic porsche’s 👍🏻
@dannyv.rpm i love all porsche’s bro
That's what i call content
🔻gunluklerin hazirlanmasi
🔺fleks (parca novu)
☑️metal konstruksiya
🔘xrom konstruksiya
Can @lordaleem_official borrow this please i want to drive my cars this weekend
Absolutely love this car!
Gt2 rs such another level then gt3 rs......big boys toy 👊👍
The whole point of a gt2rs is being fast to the point of stupidity isn't it? so surely this surpasses the old one in every way. especially with the mr package... i personally think it looks better as well (air cooled or 991 for me).
Love it! 700hp, amazing look! i saw one ‘in the wild’ in st. - tropez this summer, it is a totaly different car than a normal carrera. but my favourite stays the gt3 (touring/ rs).
How can a bunch of v****n carspotters who either have no license or drive a diesel fiesta determine whether some 400k supercar “lives up” to its also 400k predecessor?