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Had a great time a few weeks back at the “kiss the monkey’s” charity event at the world famous wattle’s mansion in los angeles.

honored to have been awarded with the 2018 evolutionist award! philanthropy is a huge part of my life and it feels amazing to be recognized!
68 6,529 January 2019
Wow✨👏 congratulations 🎉 i love our leadership always doing things to make a difference in the world! ✨🥳🎊
Whoo hoo!! for all you do for everyone, you deserve this too john!!!😊
Congratulations! that is so awesome
Incredible content 🙌
We are watching god bless you in front of our eyes. amazing. well deserved.
Shame nobody likes you😉💋♥️
Gezz that sounds like i meant it🤭. everybody 😘
Congratulations my best wishes
Congratulations sir. 🙌🏾
Congratulations john you deserve-that n more😎😎
Thank you so much @johnshinofficial for all you do :)
You deserve it @johnshinofficial. 👏👏👏
Beautifully said john ❤️🙏😇
Congratulations 🎈
Congratulations... that’s so awesome @johnshinofficial it’s only just begun!! 🎉🎉
What an honor! congratulations 🎉 👍👏

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