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@impractical_1 - Impractical_1 ™ | A perfect dress= dress with pockets 😂😂
Feeling lucky 
Art credits: @eloisemarseille
A perfect dress= dress with pockets 😂😂
feeling lucky
art credits: @eloisemarseille
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@gachapedia right? like, nobody can have an opinion anymore. nobody can ignore things that they don't like.
Pockets make everything better 😂
@_.caydee_west._ actually, i was thinking about that while writing. art critique is an art itself. there are guidelines to critiquing. you can't just say "that looks like trash" otherwise, it's not a real critique. critiquing is not "bashing" someone else due to your own opinion.
Thosr some haiiiry legs u got there
Dumbasses in the comments bodyshaming a cartoon 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
I think the real issue here is how her body hair seems to come to an abrupt halt just below the swirly knees.
I'd say buying a dress qualifies as "acting like a woman."
@yola_xyzh i think the artist probably also got tired of drawing all this little lines lol
@rahji_albjuit to be fair, some people are saying horrible offensive/sexist things along with their comments, which are the people that should just f**k off, but i completely see your point, and i agree
@therealtawnypelt and in that point, yes, i could see or justify such action. it's just the extreme end; on both sides.
I hate the hairy legs tbh lmao. i don’t have a problem with women having hairy legs - i literally am a female that doesn’t shave my legs. but the artist very clearly just included the hair to be “trendy” / modern / different/ etc. etc. because artists don’t draw hair on women’s legs unless they want that hair to be seen. drawing hairy legs on either male or female isn’t common, but is much more often seen in drawings of males. this artist clearly only wanted to seem “trendy” which is why i hate it. it just bothers me in general on the artwork, tbh.
@therealtawnypelt good, glad to find common ground.
@kennyisadog we’re you or were you not just bashing/ arguing with me about my opinion? you are the one contradicting yourself.
@_.caydee_west._ if you go back and read my comments you'll see that i never personally attacked you.
@kennyisadog calling me sexist and saying my parents brainwashed me. sure.
Shame you look like a moose tho